London Coronavirus Vaccine

The latest up-to-date information on the Coronavirus Vaccine and the London Coronavirus Vaccine rollout.

London Coronavirus Vaccination

We're committed to reporting on the vaccination programme and London vaccination rollout. The information provided on this website has been aggregated from reliable, official and trusted sources such as the UK Gov, NHS, and Public Health England.

London Coronavirus Cases & Deaths

You can learn more about the number of cases and deaths in London from Coronavirus on our dedicated London Coronavirus page.

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Our email inboxes are filling up with suggestions, comments, and recommendations from readers all over London. We read every single email and it does help to improve our London Covid-19 vaccination information. We welcome your email, please contact our team at [email protected].

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The aim of this page is to report on the Coronavirus using official and trusted sources and report on events that are important to London residents.

Our team are only reporting on the Coronavirus Pandemic in the UK. We are not medical professionals, epidemiologists, or experts in fields relating to Pandemics, Vaccinations, etc.

We do not and cannot provide individual advice, general advice, or medical advice regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic or the Coronavirus Vaccine.

For official information and guidance please go to UK Gov, NHS, your GP practice, and other offical and trusted sources.

Please do your own research and be aware of misinformation circulating online and on social media.

If you need medical assistance or have medical questions please contact a medical professional, your GP practice, or the NHS. If you need other help please contact the appropriate official body.

Information can quickly become out of date with the fast changing nature of this pandemic so please check information across multiple official and trusted sources.

With this notice in mind, our team will try its best to report on the Coronavirus and Coronavirus Vaccine, and we welcome any suggestions, recommendations, and comments on how we can improve this reporting.

Stay Protected

We have curated a selection of items available online and services from local businesses to help protect you, your loved ones, and the general public during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Standard Masks

It is mandatory to wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth in shops, on public transport in England, and other indoor spaces where social distancing may be hard to do. A standard well fitted mask is required by law in certain circumstances.

FFP3 Masks

FFP3 masks provide greater levels of aerosol filtration when correctly fitted covering the nose and mouth. FFP3 is an EU standard, similar to US N99 masks. They provide "aerosol filtration percentage of not less than 99% and internal leak rate of a maximum 2%".

Face Shields

A face shield can be useful extra protection when worn as an addition to a face mask but a face shield cannot be worn instead of a face mask covering your mouth and nose.

Hand Sanitiser

We recommend using a 60-95% alcohol content hand sanitiser before entering and after leaving shops. Also it is good practice to use it before putting on your face mask and before taking your face mask off.

Hand Washing

Don't forget to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with warm water and soap for about 20 seconds. We recommend washing your hands right away when you get back home.

Clean Contact Surfaces

When cleaning your home, don't forget to disinfect contact surfaces such as doorknobs, door handles, light switches, remotes, etc.

Coronavirus Vaccine LIVE

Bringing you the latest updates live on the London Coronavirus Vaccine programme.

United Kingdom Vaccine Data

New People Vaccinated First Dose:

New People Vaccinated Second Dose:

Cumulative People Vaccinated First Dose:

Cumulative People Vaccinated Second Dose:

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FAQs: Coronavirus Vaccine

We've answered your frequently asked questions about the Coronavirus Vaccine.

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