About Us

A small team on a mission with a big heart in supporting, showcasing, and celebrating the very best of London

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Our Story

Founded in 2022, Londonly has a single mission with a big heart in supporting, showcasing, and celebrating the very best of London.

As many of you may not know Londonly isn't just a standalone business. We're part of a small team at Codesauce that work on a variety of different projects that we're all very passion about. The ethos in everything we do is to always be friendly, approachable, and laidback. No corporate, jargon-filled, waffle from us.

In the years before we started Londonly, we noticed that there was a big opportunity in bringing together residents, businesses, and the communities of London online. This was made more important than ever with the ongoing deterioration of local journalism in London and the impact of the 2008 financial crisis and 2020 Covid-19 on local businesses and communities.

Londonly is essentially a blank canvas where we can help give businesses a voice, signpost local residents to local information, and be a central hub for everything that's important to our county.

As with any blank canvas and any project, we're always looking for new collaborations, ideas, and focusses. If you're interested in working with us then please get in contact, our door is always open and our email inbox is just a click away.

Our Team

  • Doug



    Londonly is my baby, my passion project. Most happy when travelling while working remotely. Love helping local businesses go digital and a passion for connecting local communities online.

  • John



    I'm the digital magician making everything work behind the scenes at londonly.uk. I love getting out and exploring London and discovering new local things.

  • Kat



    If it's to do with social, I'm the go-to person. Keeping Londonly's channels up-to-date with the latest happenings and helping connect all our amazing people.