Member’s Code

Last Modified: 7 August 2021

Our members are proud to be part of the London Business Club, Londonly, and their local community.

To show their commitment to service and quality, every single member has agreed to our Members Code.

Our Members code applies to all members Londonly.

Member’s agree to:

  • Uphold the Londonly ethos to ‘support, showcase, and celebrate the very best of London and beyond
  • Keep their personal and organisational information, listings, and billing details up-to-date
  • Be courteous in any dealings with users, members, staff, and the general public
  • Be upfront, honest, and clear about all information on listings
  • Provide family friendly content on their listings

Members will:

  • Be living in, working in, or supplying services to London or the immediate area beyond
  • Supply Londonly with details to verify your account and listings
  • Ensure that your listings contain accurate information that must not knowingly mislead, offend, or harm
  • Be honest in your dealings with our audience and team
  • Pay your membership fees and keep your account in good standing

Londonly will:

  • Vet all member’s listings, where possible
  • Retain the right to refuse publication of any listing, to amend any listing, and to remove any listing for any reason at any time without notification

The content contained on our website is provided for general information only. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. Although the Londonly team and members make reasonable efforts to update the information contained on this website and other channels, please note that the content therein may be out of date at any given time and our team are under no obligation to update it.

Listings are provided for information purposes only and inclusion of any company or organisation should not be seen as an endorsement of that company or organisation. All information, content, and imagery for listings is supplied by the member, including all copyright, image rights, and trademarks.